Coffee & Careers: The Importance of AI in Today’s Job Market

How can the power of AI help with your job search?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the marketing industry. AI in recruitment is impacting how both job seekers and employers find each other in the constantly changing job market.

46% of job seekers are using ChatGPT to write their resumes and/or cover letters. 7 in 10 who have used ChatGPT report a higher response rate from companies. 78% got an interview when using application materials written by ChatGPT.

Now is the perfect time to learn how to harness the newest technology to optimize your job search. From writing your resume to preparing questions for interviews, you can stand out as a top candidate for the jobs you want by using AI to gain a competitive advantage.

In this Coffee & Careers session we helped you to elevate your job search and effectively utilize AI tools. Rewatch it at any time to gain valuable insights to enhance your job search efficiency. You’ll have the information that you need to get more interviews, impress hiring managers and recruiters, and get that offer letter from your ideal employer brand.

Cindi Boudreaux, Commercial Partner for HelloKindred North America, is an expert in all things to do with a successful job search at all levels from entry to executive. We covered the following topics:

  • The importance of AI in today’s job market. 
  • How employers use AI in the job search process. 
  • How job seekers can use AI to find and land a job.  
  • AI powered job platforms, tools, and methods. 
  • Writing resumes, interview preparation, skill building, and career development.