Candidate Success: How HelloKindred Staffing Managers Enable our Associates

Contract placements come with a plethora of emotions.

Excitement, unsure of what to expect on the first day, or pressured because you hope to prove yourself on the job as soon as possible. To help our Associates manage all these and set them up for success, we have a dedicated team of Staffing Managers who work with all our Associates regardless if they’re working with our clients remotely, hybrid or in-office.

The primary function of the Staffing Management team is to proactively manage the Associate’s experience with us and to ensure both our client and associate are well-supported and on track for the duration of the placement. The incredible band of individuals sweats the small details to make sure each Associate has a smooth and positive experience — from gearing them into day one on the role, being their guide for the duration of their role, and helping them transition after the contract has completed.

Kerryn Haig, our Global Staffing Manager, puts it best:

“As a Staffing Manager, I focus on our associates’ growth and opportunities. As their agency and first point of contact, I guide, advise, protect and promote our associate’s placement journey incessantly – not only in the interest of the project, but in the interest of the associate as well. My goal is to help ensure that our associates are fulfilled and engaged in their career with us, and that they’re fully enabled in their placement with our clients.”

How does the Staffing Management Team enable our Associates?

Our Associates often need the most support during onboarding and while on the job. To prevent or reduce moments of friction, our Staffing Management team work on:

  • Successfully integrating new hires and helping them get into gear with work and life with our clients
  • Providing ongoing tailored support through regular touch-base calls, individualized coaching, and connections to a professional community of mentors and peers
  • Learning, development and upskilling

These services ensure seamless integration of new talent and worry-free navigating placements’ ins and outs.

How does Staffing Management support you during onboarding?

Our service guarantee to our clients is work-ready associates who hit the ground running on day one. A key element to achieving this is the onboarding experience. With the help of our digital onboarding platform Enboarder, we run a mobile-first approach that meets associates where they are most comfortable, their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

New hires have a centralized location for all their onboarding requirements, such as a place to complete paperwork, checks, training, and read client literature. Armed with insights, words of encouragement, and knowledge, our associates are prepped for success right from the start and through their journey with us.

How does Staffing Management enable you while on placement?

People are at the heart of every decision we make. So naturally, retention and associate engagement are critical pillars of our service model.

Our Staffing Managers possess an incredible knowledge of how things work with our clients. And they facilitate our associates’ needs. They are the ‘go-to’ for:

  • Managing time, expenses, budgetary thresholds, and performance
  • Client team dynamics and dispute resolution
  • Managing client expectations
  • Contract amendments, extensions and more.

Staffing Managers help our associates focus on what they do best – their work. Our associates gain time in their day when someone is helping them through any issue with work.

Staffing Managers are always there to help our associates succeed in their roles by being great listeners and problem solvers. We don’t rest until our associates and clients are satisfied. That’s the Staffing Management promise. That’s the HelloKindred promise to every hire, staffing agency or employer.