You’re invited: Marketing talent, what’s your future?

While we don’t know what the future holds, what we can say for sure is that it’s anything but predictable! And if you’re in the market for a job, or perhaps looking for a new career change, it’s probably pretty scary too…considering the current economic climate of rising interest rates, job lay-offs, high inflation and very real fears of a fast-approaching recession.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom!

What can you expect in the job market of today? What are the latest talent acquisition and recruiting trends? What’s causing the lay-offs we’re seeing recently, and how are these affecting organizations around the world? And should the unthinkable happen, what do you do if you’re laid off?

We answered all of these questions, and more.

“The truth is, clients are still hiring, and we are still operating in a gig economy therefore one must look at the future of work. Our mission is to empower and equip you on how to be competitively marketable in 2023.”

Hosted by our very own Cindi Boudreaux!

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