Get certified in AI

Learning how to use AI in marketing is essential for any marketing professional who wants to stay relevant in today’s job market. By mastering this skill, you can gain a competitive edge, increase your efficiency, and tap into a wealth of data-driven insights that can help you achieve better results.

We’ve collated a list of long and short courses so you can upskill and master skills in AI relevant to marketing to help you stand out when dealing with marketing recruitment agencies. Embrace the technology of the future, don’t be left behind.

A top 10 list of long courses:

1. AI for Marketing – Udacity

2. AI in Marketing – IBM

3. Digital Marketing Specialization – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

4. Machine Learning for Marketing Professionals – University of Virginia

5. Artificial Intelligence for Business – Columbia University

6. Marketing Analytics – University of Virginia

7. AI for Everyone – Coursera

8. Applied Data Science with Python – University of Michigan

9. Predictive Analytics for Business – Udacity

10. Marketing Analytics and AI – Harvard Business School

AI short courses:

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – DataCamp

2. AI for Marketing & Growth – Growth Tribe Academy

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Marketing – Simplilearn

4. Digital Marketing Strategies – North Western | Kellogg

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Marketing – Udemy

6. Utilizing Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence – Hubspot Academy