Coffee & Careers: Marketing Careers in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for skilled marketers. It’s important to prepare for this job market’s unique challenges and opportunities to be more successful. Here, adaptability and versatility are prized in a world deeply rooted in tradition.

Unlike the tech or SaaS sectors, where specialized roles abound, many manufacturing companies are small to mid-size. They often rely on small, nimble marketing teams, so there are more jobs available to generalists who can wear many hats than to specialists. One person may be responsible for everything from demand generation to trade shows to product marketing to sales support.

As daunting as this can be, the rewards are exceptional for marketers in the manufacturing industry. They have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge products and technologies, and to make a real difference in the success of their companies. They work with a wide range of people, from engineers and scientists to CEOs and other marketers.

In this edition of Coffee & Careers, Cindi Boudreaux is joined by Brendon Forrest, Senior Demand Generation Specialist at Gorilla 76 and Host of The Manufacturing Marketer & Industrial Marketing Live. Whether you’re a seasoned manufacturing marketing professional seeking to level up your career, a job seeker looking for your next role, or going through a career transition to the industry, this virtual event is tailored for you.

We covered:

  • What personal branding for marketers in the manufacturing industry looks like.
  • Ways to boost your resume that matter most to the your future employers.
  • How to use LinkedIn to fit in yet stand out to manufacturing professionals.
  • Use limited resources effectively to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and stretch the budget.

Grab your coffee and join us to learn the secrets to a thriving marketing career in the manufacturing industry, gain valuable insights into career progression, and learn how to make an impact in companies with decades of history.

Don’t miss this opportunity to redefine your career path and chart a successful course in the manufacturing industry.

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