Coffee & Careers: How Good Humans Network

Cindi Boudreaux, North America Commercial Partner for HelloKindred, opened the session of Coffee and Careers hosted by the Houston Business Marketing Alliance emphasizing the importance of networking.

Guest Speaker, Catherine Brown, founder and president of the Good Humans Growth Network and the National Business Development Association shared her journey and mission to empower generosity in others through her work as an entrepreneur, community facilitator, sales professional, and author.

Building Relationships and Networking
Cindi and Catherine discussed the importance of genuine networking and building relationships beyond transactional interactions. Catherine highlighted that professional relationships can evolve into personal friendships, and emphasized the value of connecting with others who serve the same target market. She encouraged attendees to think about how they can offer value in every interaction, whether it’s through sharing resources, making introductions, or simply engaging with others’ content on LinkedIn.

Practical Tips for Networking and Job Searching

  • Be Genuine and Curious: Approach networking with a sincere interest in others. Listen with curiosity and look for ways to support and connect with them.
  • Leverage LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn actively to build and maintain relationships. Send personalized connection requests and engage with others’ posts.
  • Offer Value: Find ways to offer value in your interactions. Share relevant articles, introduce contacts who might benefit from knowing each other, and support others’ work.
  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Make decisions based on your future aspirations rather than your past experiences. Visualize your future self and take actions that align with that vision.

The session concluded with a reminder to keep experimenting and finding new ways to connect and support each other. Whether you are in a job search or looking to expand your professional network, the key is to be proactive, genuine, and generous in your interactions.

We look forward to our next session and continuing these valuable conversations. Stay tuned for updates and upcoming events!