Ask Me Anything – Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2024

In the home stretch of 2023, what did marketers need to know to get ahead of the game in 2024? Our clients wanted to know what was to come and how to prepare for success. We answered with our eBook, Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2024.

In this special LinkedIn Live session with Cindi Boudreaux, we held a special Ask Me Anything conversation with the CMO of BlueByrd Strategic Sales & Marketing, Shannon Carlson. They discussed the key things you should know about marketing planning and answered questions from the audience in an open, no judgment forum.

  • Who do they need on their marketing teams?
  • What trends should they be paying attention to most?
  • Where should they be spending their budgets?
  • When should they start hiring for next year’s projects?
  • Why should they adjust their diversity strategy?
  • How are marketers using AI and automations to do better in 2024?

Watch the recording here, and enjoy!