Top 6 Talent Acquisition Trends for Chief Marketing Officers in 2024


As 2024 begins all eyes are on the key trends from the post-lockdown recovery and the impact on talent acquisition for 2024 and beyond.

As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or HR marketing leader – you’ll be keenly aware that the final and first quarters are traditionally times when many marketing professionals may review their personal and professional goals and even revise their career paths.

In an age where employee experience, career growth, and mental well-being hold substantial importance to the professional talent pool, every Chief Marketing Officer or marketing recruiter is now tasked with not just attracting but also retaining top talent.

Let’s take a look at the top six talent acquisition trends for 2024 to ensure you can retain your marketing team – and be ready to attract the ideal job seekers to your marketing team for this year and beyond.

Trend 1 – Hybrid Work Models:

After navigating through a challenging era of lockdowns and embracing remote work as a new norm, a pivotal transformation has reshaped the landscape at offices around the world. The Hybrid model is here to stay and has become an expected option for top marketing talent.

Hybrid working models should foster a flexible, adaptable, and balanced work environment that attracts and retains top marketing individuals while also optimising productivity.

But be warned – over the past year and following the pandemic, evidence shows that excessive remote work can lead to employee burnout. However, with a focus on community building and the correct tools, companies which engage consistently with their remote team can expect both superior productivity and success in both remote and in-office job models.

In this light, the goal is simple: to create an environment that resonates with skilled marketing professionals and fosters a productive, balanced, and thriving team – wherever they may be located.

Trend 2 – Efficiency-Driven Recruitment:

A notable shift is occurring in the way companies approach recruitment marketing. Chief Marketing Officers are responding to company requirements for greater efficiency and expedited hiring in a business world where consistent delivery of marketing initiatives is required.

Efficiency lies at the core of this change – with the adoption of many new technologies – from a simple new website to efficient onboarding solutions, innovative companies across industries are reviewing trends and data to make hiring and recruiting that much more effective.

New insights underscore that marketing professionals at all levels anticipate a streamlined recruitment process, from inception to conclusion, and have dedicated time to explore how recruitment technology, including Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), video recruitment, virtual recruitment and video interview software, enhances job applicant’s experiences.

Trends show that potential employees expect a contemporary hiring journey that resonates with their digitally connected lives, beginning with personalised job alerts. The advent of cloud-based hiring software and recruitment platforms has equipped CMOs with unprecedented capabilities to meet these expectations. At the same time building the company brand.

In this context, both HR teams and those in the CMO role are actively embracing technology throughout the entire recruitment life cycle. This includes CV reviews, interviews, and even post-hiring onboarding.

The adoption of innovative systems opens up exciting prospects in the realm of talent sourcing and building your brand and talent retention strategies. For analytics, candidate experience surveys play a pivotal role in gauging the effectiveness of your recruitment strategies, helping you fine-tune the process further and find the right candidate for each job.

For the modern Chief Marketing Officer, technology and enhanced efficiency serve as vital tools in making the recruitment journey not only effective but also appealing to the diverse pool of potential team members you seek. This technological integration further enhances your talent acquisition, positioning your organisation at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

Trend 3 – Personalised Candidate Experience:

As we head into 2024, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and HR marketing leaders will do well to focus on our next trend reshaping talent acquisition – personalised candidate experiences.

In a world where each job seeker is unique, forward-thinking companies are harnessing the power of data and generative AI insights to implement personalised recruitment strategies and improve the hiring process.

This straightforward yet profound concept empowers leading organisations to not only attract but retain top marketing talent.

By leveraging data for personalisation, which includes direct messaging and targeted social media campaigns, you can also address specific concerns that candidates are facing – such as diversity, inclusion, and navigating economic uncertainty in the job market.

Integrating personalisation into your recruitment strategy offers an opportunity to define, refine, and engage effectively with job seekers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that serves both candidates and your business.

In assembling a top-tier team, recruitment leaders have the chance to foster authentic connections with potential hires on a personal level. This commitment to personalisation is poised to redefine the candidate experience and enhance talent acquisition strategies for the upcoming quarter.

In a job world driven by data, AI, and generative insights, a personalised approach to candidate engagement emerges as a compelling trend. It’s not just about attracting and retaining top talent; it also underscores an organisation’s dedication to sustainable growth.

As CMOs navigate the dynamic recruitment landscape, personalisation becomes the cornerstone of building enduring connections with potential candidates in the recruiting process. It’s about finding the perfect synergy for your business and is an ever-growing talent acquisition trend.

Remaining interested in personalised candidate experiences will enable your company recruiters to attract and retain the best marketing experience into your team.

Trend 4 – Employer Branding and Inclusion Sensitivity:

Our fourth trend combines two to show the significance of championing inclusion and building out your employer branding in this area of talent acquisition. As one of our leading new talent trends, any Chief Marketing Officer or marketing leaders will do well to build an inclusive environment and share this information with recruiters and the community.

When it comes to brand building and reputation management – it is fortunate that the Chief Marketing Officer is perfectly positioned to communicate an inclusive HR policy throughout the business and community. There is huge demand for careers in firms committed to fair policies and recruiters, candidates and even customers are paying attention to this trend.

As the recruiting market becomes increasingly competitive, communication backed by data-driven insights, supported by analytics, and built with creative strategies becomes a key for success. Today’s candidates are looking for more than just a job; they seek a place where they can contribute to a meaningful and inclusive brand and vision.

A Chief Marketing Officer understands that fostering an inclusive workplace and promoting diversity and inclusion are no longer mere choices but fundamental pillars of their talent acquisition strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion goes beyond traditional boundaries, embracing and celebrating the diverse identities within the LGBTQIA++ community as well as caring for parents and differently-abled individuals in the workplace.

In 2024, your organisation’s ability to authentically convey these values and create a captivating employer brand will be instrumental in both attracting and retaining top marketing talent for any new position your recruiters may create.

Employer branding isn’t just about building a facade. Your marketing message should be a reflection of your company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the well-being of its employees. As a marketing leader, you have the power to shape this narrative and cultivate an environment that truly resonates with the best marketing resources.

A focus on personal and professional growth, inclusivity, and the successful development of each team member are at the forefront of these trends. In talent acquisition, your focus on inclusion will set your company apart, making your company a magnet for top marketers in this fast-paced and competitive world.

Trend 5 – Mental Health and Work-Life Balance:

In today’s landscape of talent acquisition, marketing leaders are embarking on a transformative journey that centres around the well-being of their teams.

While it may not always be overtly articulated, the looming threat of burnout has become a reality, amplified by other trends such as remote work and isolation. Marketing leaders are being forced to conduct a re-evaluation of the work-life equilibrium and the mental health of their teams.

This strategic pivot goes hand in hand with a broader commitment to fostering inclusive and supportive work environments. Marketing leaders recognise that the sustained engagement and retention of top talent are not solely contingent on professional development but also creating company environments that support their staff and enable people’s jobs to be value-adding to the rest of their lives.

As marketing leaders navigate the competitive labour market, they understand that the ability to strike a harmonious balance between professional and personal lives can serve as a magnetic force, empowering their marketing staffing efforts and even retaining the best talent.

Ensuring your brand represents this as a core value is a significant goal for CMOs. It empowers your recruiting process, encourages applications for jobs you may post and is a trend customers and potential staff across industries are paying attention to – especially post-pandemic.

In this evolving landscape, holistic well-being is not just a buzzword; it’s a pivotal aspect of leading businesses talent acquisition that can attract candidates interested in inclusive work spaces and sustainability.

Trend 6 – Skills Development and Retention:

The scope of talent acquisition reaches far beyond the realm of external recruitment. This era brings with it a profound realisation that your greatest staffing opportunities often lie within the organisation itself. The prevailing trend in 2024 is an unwavering emphasis on skill development and retention.

While hiring external candidates is often required – we’ve seen many executives looking within their existing workforce to fill key roles. By nurturing and enhancing the skills of their current teams, marketing leaders are also building a more attractive workplace for new hires.

This strategic pivot serves as a testament to the belief that true growth and innovation spring from within, not just through the influx of new faces. It’s also part of the trends where even happy team members are willing to move for a good reason. Expanding the role and reward for your existing team may slow exits of key team members.

The implications of this trend are multifaceted. By committing to skills development and retention, CMOs are paving the way for a future where their organisations become less reliant on external recruitment. Instead, they are creating an environment where talent not only thrives but also evolves organically.

In this context, skills development isn’t merely a training exercise; it’s an investment in the future. CMOs are championing new skills as a strategic move to ensure that their organisations not only survive but thrive in a dynamic and competitive market.

By empowering their current workforce and fostering their growth, they are creating a sustainable ecosystem of talent that will continue to shape the organisation’s success, while also building the team’s careers, for the long term.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing HR, leaders who cultivate the skills of their top talent are finding staffing less expensive and talent attraction easier.

Bonus Trend: Onboarding New Hires Improves their Experience

Bringing new staff into a rapidly growing company can be a challenge in any environment, while ensuring a smooth transition for your newly acquired team members into your company has significant benefits.

Effective onboarding for the Chief Marketing Officer plays a pivotal role in integrating new team members into your company’s culture, helping them find their footing, and ultimately contributing to their long-term success within your organisation.

To get the most out of this aspect of talent acquisition, a modern resource is an “onboarding platform” to streamline the onboarding journey, ensuring that new employees feel welcomed and supported from day one.

Platforms like Enboarder offer a managed onboarding schedule, email threads to all new hires, and a platform for making their integration into your team and culture a seamless process. This makes the most of your recruitment marketing efforts.

The benefits of this major trend for 2024 and beyond are clear – it not only simplifies the onboarding process for your existing team, but also enhances the new hires’ overall experience.

By implementing this innovative tool, you can get the most out of your efforts to attract top marketing talent by retaining them and empowering them with the resources and support they need to thrive in your growing company.

As you navigate the talent acquisition landscape into 2024 and beyond, consider how Enboarder can be a valuable asset in delivering a remarkable onboarding experience, setting the stage for success in your organisation. In the dynamic world of marketing HR, Enboarder is your partner in ensuring your new hires feel valued and integrated from the very beginning.

Summary of The Top Trends for the Chief Marketing Officer

In summary the journey of talent acquisition has continued to mature over the last years, and will keep shifting as consumers’ needs change.

In a data-driven environment, where AI and generative insights are available to us, recruiters will find themselves pioneers of a new era in talent acquisition. Harnessing these trends means not just attracting but also retaining the best marketing professionals remains within reach.

The power of personalised candidate experiences, crafted with the precision of recruitment marketing, is instrumental in a world where each job seeker is unique. It’s not just about attracting the right people; it’s about engaging with their unique needs, understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion, and addressing their concerns in the ever-evolving labour market.

Your own branding can’t afford to be simply about surface impressions; it must communicate a genuine commitment to diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being – appealing to not just job-seekers but also consumers, who increasingly choose brands aligned with their values.

And in this quest for talent development – mental health and work life balance take centre stage. Marketing leaders are acknowledging the importance of holistic well-being, knowing that it’s a magnet for individuals in a fiercely competitive job market.

In the midst of all these trends, the focus on skills development and retention stands as a key differentiator. It’s an acknowledgement that the most valuable assets are often within our own teams, waiting to be developed.

So, as we navigate the first quarter of 2024, we hope you’ll find these trends useful to planning your recruitment marketing strategy for 2024. There are many opportunities to build strong teams available to you – especially with our experienced team of recruiters who have assisted some of the biggest consulting and marketing firms in the world.

The future awaits those who lead with innovation, inclusivity, and a commitment to the well-being of their teams in the dynamic realm of talent acquisition.

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